WELCOME! The idea for ANGLINMADE began in 2017. Anglin being her maiden name, Brooke Kennedy created a place (aka a website) to share the designs and illustrations she has created based on all things that inspire her: travel, puns, media, friendship, every day life, dad jokes that give you this face: -_- (but also make you giggle inside) are just a few examples of the inspiration behind her work. ANGLINMADE is about humor, happiness, and all things fun. 


Designer, illustrator, athlete, comedian (in her own mind), Brooke has been creating, drawing, and designing since she was a little girl (but professionally for about 6 years now). As the textile designer for PPB for 5 years, she had the amazing opportunity to work with the Design Director + Founder to create multiple patterns over 8 seasons. Her illustrative work can be seen on numerous Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. After getting married and having the opportunity to travel through Europe during the summer of 2018, she began to pursue a career as a freelance graphic designer. Brooke has always had a passion for illustration and story telling, so she created ANGLINMADE in 2018 in hopes of having a place to share those illustrations, designs, and stories with you.